• No Bake Mint Thin Cookies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Get your GS Cookie fix here!
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    No-Bake Mint Thins

    Oh YES I did! And you are so very welcome my dear, sweet, Food Hippies! I have trampled through the forbidden field of Girl Scout cookies and have found a recipe that has fooled even my discerning, well-trained taste buds. These little no-bake puppies are sooo good. I am not ashamed to admit I shoveled these chocolaty, minty bites of heaven into my mouth at breakneck speeds. All of them. One at a time. Sometimes two at a time. They’re tiny. They’re much better than the ones that are made for the Girl Scouts and those are my justifications and I’m sticking to them. Before you judge, know that as soon as you eat…

  • Homemade Potato Chips with House Seasoning| www.realfoodgirl.com
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    Homemade Potato Chips with House Seasoning

    The humble potato is hands down probably the most favorite vegetable of every person I know. They are so versatile.  There isn’t much you can’t do with a potato. You can make it into flour, into a pancake, you can mash, fry, slice, dice, grill, roast, puree and make them into soup. You can even make pasta with them. A potato is a pretty amazing little veggie! The Stud Muffin love potatoes. He’s the stereotypical meat and potatoes kind of guy. You’ll never catch him complaining if I don’t feel like making a green veggie to go with our meal as long as their is meat and some type of potato.  Potato chips…

  • Old-Fashioned Coconut Icebox Cookies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Soft, and chewy and loaded with coconut!
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    Old Fashioned Coconut Icebox Cookies

    If you’re a fan of Dexter, you immediately thought about the Icebox Killer when you read the title of this recipe.  Luckily for us all, no brightly colored, manicured nails or unassuming serial killers made their way into this recipe.  Nope- just good old-fashioned yumminess.  Oh, and gobs and oodles of coconut.  It’s like a coconutty extravaganza y’all! Like lemons, I love coconuts. I think my top three dessert choices always have either lemon, coconut or a berry, such as raspberries or strawberries.  When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it. I made a few changes, changed out some of the not-so-good ingredients (like vegetable shortening) for butter, and replaced…

  • Lemon Gems-- Lemon curd filled sandwich cookies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified
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    Lemon Gem Cookies

    It’s spring!! It’s been spring for a while here in South Carolina, but I try not to talk about it since they still have snow up in MN where I’m from.  For weeks I’ve wondered why none of my neighbors has opened their windows to air out their homes, let in the lovely fresh air and enjoy the breezes and the singing birds. Then one day when I had the windows wide open and fans blowing, too I discovered that an eighth of an inch of pollen covered every surface of my house inside and out and I’ve been blowing my nose non-stop.  On principle alone, I refuse to shut the windows and…

  • Real Food Girl: Unmodified| Cranberry-Coconut Oatmeal Cookies. Chewy cookies with dried cranberries, sweet coconut, tasty organic oats, cinnamon and nutmeg! Yes Please!
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    Cranberry-Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

    Cookies!!  There aren’t too many people that don’t love a good cookie. I love home baked goods over store bought any day. Even thought I don’t make them all the time- mainly because since switching over to eating more whole, fresh, clean, real foods, I simply don’t crave these nearly as often as I once did, these really are scrumptious. Since ‘healthifying’ the way we eat, I’ve adopted the “Good, Better, Best” mindset.  An example would be, good is an organic, non-gmo packaged cookie with minimal ingredients, and ones that you can pronounce. In other words, no chemicals or nasties.  Better would be making the cookies from scratch, using as many organic ingredients…

  • Real Food Molasses Ginger-Doodle Holiday Cookies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Santa's favorite cookie- you have to try these!
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    Real Food Molasses Ginger-Doodle Cookies

    Holy Cow!! I’ve been super busy lately and my to-do list is growing!  Is it just me or is every December like that?  This week I have a yummy casserole recipe I still want to share with you, I’ll be announcing a Giveaway and I plan on having a Christmas Cookie/Treats Recipe Roundup post published by Saturday.  Also, I’m knee deep in stringing lights on our Christmas tree, but I ran out of blue lights.  I’ve been to three stores so far and each store has been out of stock, so tomorrow I have 3 more stores to try before I go online and find some.  I can’t believe I moved to an…

  • Caramel Apple Nighttime Sleepy Snack by Real Food Girl: Unmodified
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    Caramel Apple Nighttime Snack

    I’ve been working on snacks and drinks that help induce sleep for the past couple of weeks.  I’ve mentioned before I suffer from insomnia.  I used to take Ambien.  After about 2 years on that medication I was having trouble sleeping.  Huh, imagine that.  So I hoped online and asked the Great and Powerful Wizard of Google if Ambien could cause insomnia.  Whoa- talk about opening a Pandora’s Box!  I was flooded with information and online Ambien forums and I spent the next 6 hours reading page after page, website after website and testimonial after testimonial of what that medication had done to people, could do to people, and was possibly doing to…

  • Organic Brown Sugar Blondies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified
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    Brown Sugar Blondies (Organic/GMO-Free)

    I’ve loved almost every dense, chewy dessert bar that has ever crossed my luscious lips. There is something about a good dessert bar that brings out the inner Preschooler in me who believes everything is “mine” and refuses to share. A pan of Blondies (and brownies for that matter) is just what the doctor ordered to  comfort and console a broken heart.  Lord knows I ate plenty of these anytime some “Y” Chromosome ripped my heart out and stomped on it.  They also came in handy on nights when I had to cram for an exam.  Heck, these bars come in handy no matter what your mood or occasion may be.  You might…