No Bake Mint Thin Cookies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Get your GS Cookie fix here!
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No-Bake Mint Thins

Oh YES I did! And you are so very welcome my dear, sweet, Food Hippies!

No Bake Mint Thin Cookies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Get your GS Cookie fix here!

I have trampled through the forbidden field of Girl Scout cookies and have found a recipe that has fooled even my discerning, well-trained taste buds. These little no-bake puppies are sooo good. I am not ashamed to admit I shoveled these chocolaty, minty bites of heaven into my mouth at breakneck speeds. All of them. One at a time. Sometimes two at a time. They’re tiny. They’re much better than the ones that are made for the Girl Scouts and those are my justifications and I’m sticking to them. Before you judge, know that as soon as you eat one of these after they’ve chilled in the fridge, you’ll be making excuses to keep going back to your fridge to “grab just one more”.  Addicting, fun, small, and darn near as good, if not better than the real deal. The best part is you can make these with FOUR ingredients. That’s right. It’s not a typo. I did in fact say four! As in 4. 

No Bake Mint Thin Cookies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Get your GS Cookie fix here!

Now I know that the real Thin Mints ™ are made with a chocolate cookie.  But these are made with organic, GMO-Free, Round Butter Crackers instead.  You won’t mind at all. I promise. I didn’t want to sit in my kitchen for an hour scraping off the filling of organic “Oreos” just so I could have a chocolate cookie center. That’s just crazy. Ain’t nobody got time for that!  I certainly don’t.  Well, I do, sorta, but I have better things to do like slay the Laundry Monster, or watch reruns of Major Crimes before Keira Sedgewick left the show…

Look for a really good, quality, GMO-Free chocolate. Go imported and Fair Trade if you can afford it and find it. If not, don’t beat yourself up, simply find a decent grocery store brand that fits your food philosophy. For this recipe, I’ve chosen to use E. Guittard chocolate chips. E. Guittard is a brand that is GMO-Free and is readily available in most grocery stores across the USA, I chose to use their semi sweet chocolate chips for these cookies. I used Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil instead of a peppermint extract.  Yes, I could have used an organic extract, but I wanted something that was potent enough that I could use a couple drops vs. half a teaspoon or more.  I also wanted pure peppermint taste, not candy-like peppermint taste.  Finally, I used an organic (responsibly sourced and GMO-Free) Palm shortening in the melted chocolate. Shortening helps the chocolate stay smooth, keeps it from clumping and hardening too fast so that you can coat all the crackers without having to keep warming the chocolate up to keep it spreadable.

No Bake Mint Thin Cookies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Get your GS Cookie fix here!

Store these bad boys in the refrigerator or the freezer. Don’t let them sit on the counter or the chocolate will stay semi-melty on top and your fingers will get covered in chocolate and you’ll not be able to hide the fact that you’ve been sneaking a cookie ever 7 minutes while your kids or husband aren’t paying attention.  

I’ll admit that when I was making these, the entire time I was having this conversation in my head where I insisted that there was NO way these would taste as yummy as the original Thin Mints Cookies ™.  Boy was I wrong. Seriously W R O N G!  It doesn’t happen often folks, just ask my parents.  I have many faults, but being wrong isn’t one of them.  Ha! Totally kidding. This is one time I was relieved to be wrong.  If you need your annual Girl Scout Cookie fix, but you don’t want to partake in their GMO-riddled cookies, make these instead. You won’t be disappointed at all. Just stay away from your bathroom scale for a month or two after eating these.  😀


No Bake Mint Thins Cookies
Serves 1
Look out Girl Scouts, we don't need your GMOs. Tasty, easy to make, real deal minty, chocolatey cookies.
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Prep Time
30 min
Total Time
1 hr 30 min
Prep Time
30 min
Total Time
1 hr 30 min
  1. 36 Organic Round Butter Crackers (Like Ritz, but not Ritz)
  2. 1-1/2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips, GMO-Free such as E.Guittard
  3. 1 TB palm shortening
  4. 2 drops Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
  1. Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with parchment paper; set aside. Clear out a spot in your refrigerator or freezer to accommodate your cookie sheet in order to "set" the cookies.
  2. In a small saucepan combine chocolate chips and shortening and melt over low heat. Stirring almost constantly. Do not get any water in the chocolate or it will seize.
  3. To the melted chocolate add 1-2 drops of YL peppermint essential oil* and stir. If you prefer it mintier, add only 1 more drop. *Note: You cannot un-do mint once added so be very, very careful to not over-do it and end up with cookies that make your eyes water.
  4. Pour chocolate into a shallow glass dish (that you pre warmed by letting hot water sit in it while you were melting the chocolate. THEN, dry it really well before pouring in the melted chocolate mixture.
  5. Add 1 cracker to the chocolate, coat it, and remove it by lightly scooping it up from the underside with a fork, allowing excess chocolate to drain off through fork tines. Place cracker on parchment and repeat with all remaining crackers. If necessary, re-heat the chocolate in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. I didn't have to do this, as I worked fairly quickly and the chocolate stayed melty enough.
  6. After all crackers have been dipped, place baking sheet in refrigerator. Although these will solidify at room temperature, the shortening in the chocolate lengthens the amount of time that will take; the fridge or freezer helps speed it up. Personally I think they taste better cold and the chocolate stays truly solid.
  7. Store extra Mint Thins in an airtight container in the refrigerator for as long as it takes you to eat these. They'll last forever in your freezer if properly wrapped.
  1. Seriously this recipe serves more than ONE, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I ate every single one of these cookies. I didn't share them at all. I'm a piggy. 🙂
  2. If you don't have any Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil, use 3/4 to 1 tsp. of an organic peppermint extract in place of the essential oil. Do NOT use a store bought essential oil in this recipe.
  3. Let these cool/harden in the fridge for about an hour. If you can control yourself that is. These taste better the longer they sit in the fridge. Double the recipe if you think you lack self-control.

Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil Real Food Girl YL Member ID # 1491932  Interested in learning how to get your own Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil? Email me at or click THIS link.


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  • Jan

    Do you know what the calorie/sugar content is? I am looking for ways to control my sugar levels and this sound very tempting!

    • Kristine Cocchiarella

      I don’t. It varies based on the brand of ingredients you use. Young Living essential oils don’t have any sugar in them, so the peppermint oil is sugar free. The crackers and chocolate chips will be minimal, and if you use dark chocolate vs. the semi-dark I used, it will be even less.

  • Kristine Cocchiarella

    Hi Cristy,

    No, I don’t mind if you feature this on your blog, I just require that you use your own photos, and that you provide a link to my blog’s home page and also include the URL to the recipe itself as well as notating that you got this recipe from me or adapted it from my recipe. Email me if you have any questions. And, enjoy them! 🙂 I’ll check out your blog.

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