• Chicken Lentil Pot Pie from The Baking Fairy- Guest Post for Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Real Food Girl Presents: The Baking Fairy

    Happy Monday Food Hippies!  I have another fantastic guest post for you today.  I have to say, this illness has been a blessing in disguise because everyone is getting to see some great recipes and blogs that they may never have known about had I not reached out for help to make sure I had content for the blog until I’m up on my feet again. Today’s post and recipe is from the Baking Fairy  and this chicken and lentil pot pie looks really spectacular!  I’m going to make this for dinner for sure.  I’m almost regretting that I took fish out of the freezer for dinner tonight, because this looks to die…

  • Real Food Girl: Unmodified's Weekly Link Love. Stop on by!

    It’s Time For a Real Food Link Love

    I’ve been finding some really awesome blogs lately and I thought it was high time that I started sharing these great finds with all of you.  If there is one thing we all need it’s more great recipes, health and wellness tips, humor, Real Food advice, Green-Living ideas, gardening how-to’s, and people to teach us how to ferment things.  Wouldn’t you agree? My goal is that each Friday I will share with you links to blogs, recipes, articles that I found on the web that I really enjoyed in hopes that you guys enjoy this stuff, too.  Who knows, you might find just what you’ve been looking for during one of the link…

  • Bacon and Whipped Cream Guest Post for Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    Breads,  Side Dishes

    Real Food Girl Presents: Bacon and Whipped Cream

    Hello Real Foodies! I’m excited to be able to guest post here on Real Food Girl Unmodified. I love following Kristine’s blog and Facebook posts – and of course her delicious recipes! I’m Stephani and I blog over at Bacon & Whipped Cream. I’m mom of 2 beautiful girls and the wife of an amazing guy for almost 16 years now. I love to cook and bake – and I love to transform recipes to make them healthy, real food. I also love to talk all things health, fitness and family. Today I want to share a recipe for one of my favorite foods – corn bread! I have always loved corn bread…especially…

  • Ground Sirloin Steaks with Brown Gravy- Homecookin' organic food from Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Ground Sirloin Steaks with Brown Gravy

    One of my favorite blogs is South Your Mouth.  South Your Mouth is run by Mandy.  She’s spunky, sarcastic and is fast becoming a good friend.  I get the opportunity to meet her later this year, which has me seriously stoked!  Not only do I get to experience her yummy food, and her bold, nothing is sacred, irreverent sense of humor but I’ll get to tear things up in the kitchen with her.  I have to say I’m super excited to finally be meeting a favorite blogger in the flesh.  I’ve been stalking following Mandy’s blog for a little over two years.  I know you’ll enjoy her humorous stories and her recipes as…

  • Miscellaneous

    Real Food Girl Presents: Old City Salts

    Hello Food Hippies!  I have a surprise for you today.  Say hello to Karyl from Old City Salts.  “Hi, Karyl!”  I have a huge passion for salts because of my culinary background, but there is more to all those varieties of salts than just jazzing up a meal.  I met Karyl & Stephanie via my Facebook page and we quickly bonded over salts, health issues and the Real Food movement and all it has done to help heal from long standing health issues.  I am very excited that Stephanie and Karyl have agreed to do a guest post for me while I’m under the weather.  I think you guys are going to learn…

  • Chicken

    Easy Herb Roasted Chicken

    Do you eat a lot of chicken?  We do.  Sometimes I wish I could just buy a 12 pound prim rib roast and feast on medium rare prime rib and Au jus for a week! However, since the pastured, grass-fed cow that could provide me that large hunk of red meat would cost me a car payment to purchase, I’m gonna have to stick with chicken. I roast chicken almost weekly.  I either roast an entire chicken, or I’ll roast some thighs and a breast.  I make this curry-cayenne chicken salad for TSM often, so I need roasted chicken on hand in order to do that.  I also like having it on hand…

  • Soft & Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies. Organic and featured on Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    Desserts,  Snacks

    Soft & Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

    Several months ago I posted my “Not Half Bad Peanut Butter Cookies” recipe.  Being that I’m not a peanut butter cookie fan, yet I am a huge fan or peanut butter, I felt those cookies really weren’t half bad.  After experimenting with some new recipes, I have to tell you, that these cookies are spectacular, seriously good, kinda-almost-rolled-my-eyes-when-I-took-a-bite scrumptious. Amen, Holy Mary, The End, Good Night!   <—– I have no idea where all that came from, but we’re gonna just move right on past it.  Stop the rubber necking folks, it’s just an accident.  Ya see ’em every day.  It happens to the best of us. I have been using my original PB…

  • Organic roasted veggies. Look at the color! Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    Gluten Free,  Side Dishes,  Vegetables,  Vegetarian

    Real Food Roasted Vegetables

    TSM (The Stud Muffin) doesn’t care much for veggies.  In fact, it would be easier to get a 3 year old to eat their veggies than it is to get TSM to eat them.   So I roast them.  If they’re roasted he’ll eat them and the skies part and the angels sing and the birdies tweet and the sun shines and every little girl that wished for a pony gets one and my man gets some healthy veggies in his body.  I’d roast veggies more often, but sometimes a girl just wants some steamed green beans, ya know? These veggies could NOT be easier to prepare. They are so easy, TSM made a…