• Ground Sirloin Steaks with Brown Gravy- Homecookin' organic food from Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Ground Sirloin Steaks with Brown Gravy

    One of my favorite blogs is South Your Mouth.  South Your Mouth is run by Mandy.  She’s spunky, sarcastic and is fast becoming a good friend.  I get the opportunity to meet her later this year, which has me seriously stoked!  Not only do I get to experience her yummy food, and her bold, nothing is sacred, irreverent sense of humor but I’ll get to tear things up in the kitchen with her.  I have to say I’m super excited to finally be meeting a favorite blogger in the flesh.  I’ve been stalking following Mandy’s blog for a little over two years.  I know you’ll enjoy her humorous stories and her recipes as…