Simply Perfect Rice Pilaf by Real Food Girl: Unmodified

Simply Perfect Rice Pilaf

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Are you intimidated by rice pilaf so you rely on that “San Fransisco Treat”?  I used to be.  Then I went to culinary school and learned a really… Read More »

30-Minute Mondays --Maple-Soy Salmon by Real Food Girl: Unmodified

30-Minute Mondays– Maple Soy Salmon

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One of the things that I love about cooking, and photography for that matter, is that it keeps me humble.  According to The Stud Muffin, I need to… Read More »

Real Food Girl Unmodified Guest Posts for Mommypotamus- Risotto alla Milanese with Herbs

Risotto alla Milanese with Herbs at Mommypotamus

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I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!! I’m waving my hands, and bouncing in my chair and I may have even clapped for joy and squealed a… Read More »

Real Food Pico de Gallo by Real Food Girl: Unmodified. A fresh, bright, basic salsa recipe.

Salsa Fresca

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One of my first posts as Real Food Girl: Unmodified was a Garden Salsa recipe. It’s a favorite in our home and it is as tasty as it… Read More »

30-Minute Mondays-- Onion Bacon Jam Grilled Cheese by Real Food Girl

30-Minute Mondays–Onion Bacon Jam Grilled Cheese

In 30 Minute Mondays, Lunch Ideas, Main Dish On April 14, 2014 3 Comments

Bacon, caramelized onions, Gruyère cheese and golden, buttery, toasted bread. Are you hungry yet?  If not, have someone check you for a pulse.  Maybe even take your temperature. … Read More »

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake by Real Food Girl: Unmodified

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake

In Desserts On April 11, 2014 4 Comments

Finally! It’s here! I’ve been promising this cake for what, two, or three weeks now?  Gah!  You’ll have to forgive me for that. I normally don’t feature a… Read More »

Savory Balsamic Onion-Bacon "Jam" by Real Food Girl: Unmodified.

Savory Balsamic Onion-Bacon Jam

In Condiments On April 9, 2014 14 Comments

Bacon. Caramelized onions, bacon, fresh thyme, white wine, bacon, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, bacon, chicken stock, bacon.  Let me guess, the only word you kept seeing was bacon…. Read More »

30-Minute Mondays- Beef & Bean Enchiladas by Real Food Girl Unmodified Pinning this for later!

30-Minute Mondays- Beef and Bean Enchiladas

In 30 Minute Mondays, Main Dish, Mexican On April 7, 2014 5 Comments

Mexican food is one of my top 4 favorite cuisines.  I suppose if I were to be honest, there is actually a three-way tie between Mexican, Asian and… Read More »

Real Food Enchilada Sauce by Real Food Girl: Unmodified- Homemade Pantry Staples. Yum!

Real Food Enchilada Sauce

In Quick & Easy, Sauces, Pan Sauces & Gravies On April 6, 2014 1 Comment

I love to spoil you guys. I really do.  Case in point; tomorrow for 30-Minute Monday I’m sharing my Beef and Bean Enchilada recipe.  But in order to… Read More »

Real Food Girl: Unmodified Talks Dirty Dozen and Real Food at We Know Stuff

Frankenfoods, GMOs and The Dirty Dozen

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Hi Everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my second guest post in our series on Real Food over at We Know Stuff.  Hailing from Long Island, Denine and Daniele… Read More »