• Real Food Girl Unmodified Guest Posts for Mommypotamus- Risotto alla Milanese with Herbs
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    Risotto alla Milanese with Herbs

      To Italians, a meal is more than just food… It’s an experience, an affair to be shared with family and friends. One bite of this risotto and I think you’ll agree this is an experience to be shared with family and friends.  That is, if you can tear your mouth away from your fork. Risotto is a dish that is typically eaten prior to the main dish and is almost always associated with high end restaurants but in reality it is the quintessence of Italian home cooking and comfort food.  A good risotto nourishes the soul. Because of my culinary background, I’ve tasted a lot of risotto.  I’ve had some that were…

  • Simply & Homemade Pizza by Real Food Girl Unmodified. Links to pizza dough recipe, too. Pinning this now for later.
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    Real & Simple Homemade Pizza

    Pizza night!  Who doesn’t look forward to homemade pizza night? I know we sure do.  Once I got over my aversion to making my own organic fail-proof pizza dough, I started playing around with sauces and toppings and after years of experimenting, this is our family favorite and I’m excited to share it with you. Shortly after starting my blog I shared my homemade Stromboli recipe. In that post I share my pizza sauce recipe.  I’ve since tweaked it slightly, and will share the ingredients in the recipe card below.   Our favorite toppings are a Calabrase Salame, fresh mozzarella and when we’re feeling particularly fancy, I’ll add some prosciutto.  What are your favorite…