• Why I almost quit blogging, by Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Standing Up for My Passion to Help Others

    My grandpa once told me “Krissy, find something that you are good at, and that you love to do, and do it better than anyone else.”  Those are pretty solid words of wisdom if you ask me.  I may not be doing what I do better than anyone else, but I am doing something I love and something I’m good at.   My grandpa also told me to “Be a sponge.”  His thoughts were that you should never stop wanting to learn new things, read about new things and experience adventures, and, that you should never stop trying new things. He believed that if you absorbed all the wonderful things the world had…

  • Real Food Girl: Unmodified Talks Dirty Dozen and Real Food
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    Frankenfoods, GMOs and The Dirty Dozen

    Hi Everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my second guest post in our series on Real Food over at We Know Stuff.  Hailing from Long Island, Denine and Daniele are the two fabulous sisters behind this fun, all things life, family and parenting blog.  A few months ago we started chatting about how overwhelming all the information online was regarding Real Food.  Through multiple online resources they read a myriad of stats, facts, figures and rules to show them the way and instead of empowering them to make the changes they desired to make, that information made them feel inferior, ashamed, and anxious.  Understandably, that made me sad.  It made me sad because I…

  • Real Food Girl defends a fellow bloggers decision to not use shampoo
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    The Ignorance of Out of Touch Celebrities

    This week something bad happened to one of my blogging friends. It wasn’t your typical something bad, such as a minor fender bender, or a bad jean day, or she broke a toe tripping over a toy in her living room.  No. This something bad happened to be broadcast on daytime television with hundreds of thousands (if not more) people watching.  What makes it worse is that no compassion or understanding was extended to my friend. Just judgement, ignorance and cruelty.  Woman being mean and cutting each other down.  I’m talking about my blogging friend Jacquelyn Byers of Little Owl Crunchy Mama and her “No Poo” post that went viral- online and on…