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    Top 13 Real Food Girl Posts of 2013!

    Why the top 13 versus the top 10?  Because I like to live on the edge my friends. It’s how I roll.  Also, since we’re going out with ’13, why not pick the top 13 posts that you guys, my fellow Food Hippies liked the most?  Seemed logical to me, so let’s begin with what you guys found the most helpful, interesting, awesome, fabulous and spectacular.  Uh, yeah.  My ego hasn’t been affected by this at ALL.  Nope.  Not.One.Teensy.Bit. In all seriousness, I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you who take time out of your day to stop by and see what craziness I’m up to.  Your compliments, support…

  • Real Food Girl January Instragam Challenge

    January Instagram Challenge #myclean2014

    Starting tomorrow, January 1 2014, I will be co-hosting a mini Instagram challenge. Won’t you join in the fun, too!? This challenge runs for only 15 days and will be such a neat way to meet new people on Instagram, challenge yourself to stay focused on your freshly set goals for the new year, and have lots of fun in the process. Every day you’ll post a picture on Instagram using the themes listed below. Just make sure that you tag #myclean2014 and @realfoodgirl so we can all see what you post.     How to Participate Follow @RealFoodGirl on Instagram Take a daily picture using the themes below, tagging #myclean2014 , and @RealFoodGirl…

  • Real Food Tex-Mex Pasta Bake by Real Food Girl. This is must try, easy, comfort food. Pin me!
    60 Minutes or Less

    Real Food Tex-Mex Pasta Bake

     I had a tough time naming this dish.   It looks like a Goulash, but not only is it not Hungarian, it’s also not a stew.  My grandmother used to make something similar to this using elbow macaroni, a can of  Campbell’s™  Tomato soup, and a can of Chicken Gumbo along with some ground beef.  It’s tasty, but that old standby needed some new life breathed into it.  Hence how this dish was born.  I took one of my grandpa’s favorite dishes and I breathed new life into it. I finally decided on Tex-Mex because the dish has Southwestern, American and Mexican components to it.  And to give this dish even more of an…

  • Merry & Bright Holiday Potpourri from Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Gotta Pin this!

    Merry & Bright Holiday Potpourri

    I love making my house smell like Christmas.  What does Christmas smell like?  Well, to me, it’s oranges, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, rosemary and cloves.  Another favorite combination is apples, cranberries, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and lemon peels.  There is something about fruit and spices simmering on the stovetop that makes your entire house smell heavenly.  It brings back childhood memories of the holidays with my family. My Merry & Bright Holiday Potpourri will make your entire house smell, well, Merry & Bright.  Use whatever fruit you have on hand, I’ve oftentimes used limes about to go bad or pears if I’m out of apples.  Use whatever spices, herbs and fruits you have on…

  • Jalapeno Bacon Deviled Eggs. Oh YES I did! Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    Appetizers,  Eggs,  Gluten Free

    Jalapeno Bacon Deviled Eggs

    Bacon. I really could just leave it at that, but I have a feeling you guys may want to know a little more about these eggs other than the fact that they contain bacon.  Not that you would care at this point, because, well, BACON!  I don’t know too many people that will turn down a well-prepared deviled egg.  The Stud Muffin can eat like 6 of these in one sitting.  The man has never met a boiled egg he didn’t like. Seriously.  Imagine how happy I was when I came across something that inspired me to take my deviled eggs to the next level.  I was H.A.P.P.Y people. Like happy-dance-jazz-hands happy.  That’s…

  • Miscellaneous

    Real Food Girl Podcast Interview

    I had my very first interview several weeks ago.  It. Was. A. Blast!  Seriously.  I have no idea why I was so nervous. I’ve turned down no fewer than 7 interviews in the past 9 months and 3 of them were with people who had small radio shows.  Yeah, I’m a fool.  I’m still shaking my head over how silly I was to not jump at the chance to have hundreds upon hundreds hear what Bio Identical  Hormone Replacement Therpy has done to my voice. Ha! Heather Ingersoll the brains behind Easy Healthy Bread also runs a Real Food Journey podcast series and I was blessed enough to be chosen for an interview. …

  • Real Food Wild Rice Corn Chowder from Real Food Girl:Unmodified (with chicken and bacon)
    Freezer Meals,  Soups, Stews, Chowders

    Wild Rice Corn Chowder

    It’s getting cold here in South Carolina. Granted it is still in the 50s most days, but there is something to be said for a Southern 50 degrees and a Midwestern 50 degrees.  In Minnesota we’d have windows cracked and shorts on.  The only reason we’d turn the furnace on is if it was uber windy.  Down here I’m wearing a long sleeved shirt, a sweat shirt, a fleece bathrobe, socks, slippers, a pair of fitted long underwear AND yoga pants and I’m still cold.  It’s a bone chilling kind of cold when the temperatures drop in the south. Call me crazy, but I can’t warm up.  I can’t keep taking showers to…

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    Thanks For the ‘Love’ Giveaway

    Congratulations to Kris K.  She won the Redmond Clay products!  Thank you to all who entered. I will be doing another giveaway soon! THANK-You for participating! This Giveaway is now CLOSED.  I will be choosing the winner (via Rafflecopter) and I’ll send an email to that person shortly.  Keep an eye on your email inbox my friends.  You will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.   It’s that time again Food Hippies!  The time where I thank you for being the fantastic, fabulous, wonderful readers and followers that you are, by having a Giveaway! I shared in my Redmond Trading Company Goodie Box post that once you guys…