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    Spicy Orange Ginger Soy Chicken Stir Fry

    Stir Fry is one of our favorite go-to dishes here in Casa de la Real Food Girl.  It’s simple, filling and most of all it really is easy.  You may not know this, but stir fry isn’t a dish. It’s a cooking technique.  Of all the cooking techniques I learned while attending culinary school, I’d have to say that learning stir fry was the most fun, and the most challenging.  You have to master the flame when you stir fry, and you can’t stand around and twiddle your thumbs like you can when you’re braising or poaching. The Chinese value balance and harmony. Balance is very important to their cuisine  You’ve heard about…

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    Hearty Potato Soup with Bacon

    I have a long list of personal quirks.  I like to put an odd number of ice cubes in my drink unless it’s a small glass, then 2 ice cubes will do.  I sometimes zig-zag the part in my hair, and will do either 5, 7 or 9 zigs and zags. I prefer to keep the volume on my car radio set to even numbers, and although I like a good homemade French fry, I don’t love potatoes.  Don’t tell my Irish grandmother.  It’ll break her heart.  She’s already a bit bummed that she doesn’t have one full red-headed grandchild or great grandchild among all 18 of us.  My less than enthusiastic attitude…

  • Garden Fresh Organic Veggies make this salsa flavorful and addictive! Pass the chips please! #Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    Appetizers,  Vegetarian

    Fresh Garden Salsa -Organic

    This Real Food Girl loves her salsa.  My secret salsa love affair started when I had some at a local Mexican restaurant called Chi-Chi’s. I have no idea if Chi-Chi’s made authentic Mexican salsa or not, I just know I loved their salsa, and by the time my fajitas came sizzling down through the restaurant, I was full after eating 2 baskets of chips and 4 little containers of salsa all by myself.   

  • Clucker Noodle Soup (chicken)- perfect for cold weather. Warms you too your toes! Organic chicken and veggies combined with homemade stock. Yum! #Real Food Girl: Unmodified
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    Clucker-Noodle Soup (GMO-Free)

    I’m not normal- And because I’m not normal, I like to call foods by other names.  For instance, the humble chicken.  Since we eat chicken about 3 times a week I get tired of saying chicken and feel that maybe if I spruced up what I call it, it won’t seem like it’s the THIRD chicken dish I’ve made this week.  Enter: Clucker.  Chickens cluck, which makes them cluckers so I call chickens cluckers.  Are you glad I’ve shared this little bizarre corner of my world with you?  Hopefully so, because yer all in for a groovy ride if you stick around with me for the next several years.  Whooey! Let’s talk about…