• Real Food on a Real Budget--by Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Real Food Realities

    Hello Food Hippies! Today I want to share with you, two posts written by two different bloggers.  The first post is titled Dear Mom Who Can’t Afford Organic Food.  This article was written by Erin over at The Humbled Homemaker.  If you read this post and still manage to walk away with your Judgey McJudgey pants on, then you don’t ‘get it’.  You simply don’t ‘get it’. The second post, authored by blogger Beth over at Red and Honey is titled Dear Middle Class America: I Have a Bone to Pick With You.  This post hit me harder than the first only because after reflecting on some of the things I have shared…

  • Easy Baked Penne Pasta with Italian Sausage --Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Easy Baked Penne with Italian Sausage

    The Stud Muffin (TSM) is Italian. It’s not pronounced Eyetalian. It’s ITalian.  I felt I needed to clear that up.  I love when people say Eyetalian.  Um, it’s not Eye-taly, it’s ITaly, but I digress.  Being married to an Italian has its perks.  One of them is that we eat a fair amount of pasta with cheese–melted cheese.  I prefer to make it myself, but I don’t own any fancy pasta shape cutters so when we want penne, I buy a good organic brand.  I admit I was a little apprehensive about posting this recipe because I’m using a jarred sauce.  That’s a no-no in our household, but I’ve gotten requests for a…

  • Ghee Whiz--by Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Ghee Whiz!

    In keeping with my theme of easy recipes–if you can even call them recipes, I realized I have never taught you guys how to make ghee, also known as clarified butter.  Ghee whiz! What kind of Real Food Blogger/Chef do I think I am?  Talk about dropping the ball.  Hopefully you’ll forgive me this teensy transgression because I feel terrible that it’s taken me so long to share this little gem of a kitchen staple with you. I’ve been using clarified butter since my favorite French chef-instructor taught us how to make it in culinary school.  I think I made it once, years before I ever went to school, back when I was…

  • Homemade Organic Brown Sugar by Real Food GIrl: Unmodified

    Homemade Organic Brown Sugar

    I refuse to give up sugar.  I realize that puts me in a moderately small minority.  There aren’t many Real Food Foodies/Bloggers that are advocates of real cane sugar, but I am.  I also believe it can be enjoyed in moderation and that our bodies need sugar to function properly.  This post however isn’t going to be a lesson on why this Real Food Girl isn’t riding on the ‘sugar is evil bandwagon‘.  Instead, I’m going to save you a few coins and teach you how to make your own homemade brown sugar.   The Brown Sugar 411 Brown sugar is so easy to make.  You need only two ingredients.  Organic cane sugar…

  • Nigella ruined my brownies

    Nigella Ruined My Brownies

    The other day I had a conversation with myself.  I do this frequently.  So far I haven’t been locked up, or committed, so until I’m threatened with a padded room in the looney wing located in the sub-basement of my local hospital, I’ll probably continue to have conversations with myself.  I’m quite interesting, unless I’m boring.  Then by default I’m not interesting.  In case you were wondering. I’ve been meaning to share some of my conversations with you guys, but I figured you’d think I was a nutter and you’d stop following my blog.  However, I changed my mind when my friend Mandy from South Your Mouth started blogging about her conversations with…

  • Help Me! Series, "I'm Stressed" By Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    The “Help Me!” Series, Chapter 2: I’m Stressed

    I’m tired.  No, really.  I’m worn out, dog tired and stressed. Do you ever get like that?  I honestly can’t imagine how you women with children do it.  I don’t have kids and it takes every ounce of mental energy I have just to get out of bed.   I’d be an even hotter mess if I had kids. You’ve gotta know what I mean, because I know I’m not alone. Today I wanted to talk about being tired, and worn out and go over some things to help us through those times.  I already know why I’m worn out.  We’re moving 1205 miles away in 10 weeks, my house still has to go…

  • 5-steps to Real Food guest post by The Aliso Kitchen for Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Real Food Girl Presents: The Aliso Kitchen

    Happy Monday Food Hippies!  I hope you guys had a spectacular weekend and you’re all rested up ready to take on the adventures of a new week!  Today marks the last guest post for a while here at Real Food Girl: Unmodified.  I believe I’m feeling well enough to manage posting at least 3 times per week myself.  I wanted to extend another gracious Thank-You to all the Food Bloggers that stepped up to help me out when I became ill.  Your kindness and willingness to help truly blessed me and I know the Food Hippies got some great recipes and learned some new things from all of you!  Thank you.  You ladies…

  • Real Food Girl does GMOs for Newbies

    GMOs for Newbies- What You Need To Know

      GMOs for Newbies Unless you’ve been hiding under a bush–not that there’s anything wrong with that, some days I’d prefer camping out under a bush–you’ve been hearing a lot about GMOs lately. GMOs are in the news, online, all over your Facebook news feed and most likely they’re a topic of discussion on most Health & Wellness and Food Blogs that you follow, and, with good reason.  You may wonder why this topic seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and you might also wonder why it is gaining such momentum.  What’s the deal with GMOs?   WHAT EXACTLY ARE GMOs? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It can also be referred…