• Triple Citrus Bars by Real Food Girl Unmodified- Not your normal boring lemon bars!

    Real Food Triple Citrus Bars

    Nothing brightens your house like the smell of citrus and I’d had lemon bars on my mind for a few days and felt it was time to break out Old Blue and make something citrus-y.  It had been a while since I’d made any type of dessert since the kitchen in the house we’re renting- A) depresses me, and, B) it has virtually no counter or storage space which makes the normally joyful, fun, therapeutic and exciting task of cooking, baking and recipe creating about as fun as having one of the Dementors from Harry Potter suck out your soul.  I think I’m going to call my kitchen the Horcrux,   as that…

  • Merry & Bright Holiday Potpourri from Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Gotta Pin this!

    Merry & Bright Holiday Potpourri

    I love making my house smell like Christmas.  What does Christmas smell like?  Well, to me, it’s oranges, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, rosemary and cloves.  Another favorite combination is apples, cranberries, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and lemon peels.  There is something about fruit and spices simmering on the stovetop that makes your entire house smell heavenly.  It brings back childhood memories of the holidays with my family. My Merry & Bright Holiday Potpourri will make your entire house smell, well, Merry & Bright.  Use whatever fruit you have on hand, I’ve oftentimes used limes about to go bad or pears if I’m out of apples.  Use whatever spices, herbs and fruits you have on…

  • Real Food Electrolyte Drink by Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Real Food Electrolyte Drink

    Today I thought I’d put on my Scientist Girl Hat (and my Mechanic Girl Hat) and share with you some information about electrolytes.  One of the symptoms of the Hypercalcemia that I’m dealing with is that my electrolytes are all out of whack.  Additionally a result of the abnormal parathyroid hormone levels in my blood, my body isn’t able to regulate its electrical system at all- which causes extra stress on a person’s heart, kidney’s and pancreas.  Your parathyroid glands control and help regulate your body’s electrical system so when those aren’t functioning properly, you can imagine how off-kilter things become. Think of it like this.  Your car needs motor oil for the…