• Crazy Chicken- Super fast, easy, ridiculously tasty chicken dish by Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    Chicken,  Grains, Rice, Pasta

    Crazy Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta

    Chicken. It’s one of those versatile proteins that goes with just about anything.  It’s also an ingredient that leaves us scratching our head as we take a package out of the freezer and wonder to ourselves; “What am I going to make with this?” We’ve all been there. It strikes fear and anxiety in the best of cooks. It’s a question that everyone has asked at one point in time when it comes to looking at a package of chicken when the dinner hour is fast approaching. We love our chicken, but we’re tired of the same ol’-same ol’, and we long for something new, exciting, and just plain different. After all, there are…

  • No Bake Mint Thin Cookies by Real Food Girl: Unmodified. Get your GS Cookie fix here!
    Holidays,  Snacks

    No-Bake Mint Thins

    Oh YES I did! And you are so very welcome my dear, sweet, Food Hippies! I have trampled through the forbidden field of Girl Scout cookies and have found a recipe that has fooled even my discerning, well-trained taste buds. These little no-bake puppies are sooo good. I am not ashamed to admit I shoveled these chocolaty, minty bites of heaven into my mouth at breakneck speeds. All of them. One at a time. Sometimes two at a time. They’re tiny. They’re much better than the ones that are made for the Girl Scouts and those are my justifications and I’m sticking to them. Before you judge, know that as soon as you eat…