• Rich, dense, intense fudge-like brownies GF! Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    Desserts,  Gluten Free

    GF Fudgy Brownies

    Have you ever taken a bite of something and your brain and your mouth explode from the flavor nirvana that is occurring and you’re rendered speechless and consequently need “A moment alone” to compose yourself?  If not, I’m genuinely sad for you.  But fret no more because these brownies are slap-yo’-momma, shut the front door, awesomesauce, ohmehgersh, mind-blowing, “where have you been all my life?”, SPECTACULAR! Make these and you will have that moment that I just mentioned above once you take a bite of one of these brownies!! I made the glutenized version a couple of weeks back when I had my good friend Towanda the Bee Charmer over for a movie…