• Better than Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. Use this on ice cream, cheese cake, brownies- or make hot chocolate or chocolate milkshakes! 5 ingredients, super easy! GMO-Free
    Beverages,  Desserts

    Rich and Tasty Chocolate Syrup GMO-Free

    Have you ever had a friend suggest that you make something, and you kind of hem and haw and scrunch your nose up at them?  Yeah, so have I.  And I openly admit I’m not going to do that again!  I might miss out on something superchocolicious! Take this (beyond) easy chocolate syrup.  It’s got 5 ingredients and one of them is water!  I mean, *who* doesn’t have water on hand?   My sincerest condolences if you don’t have any water on hand because this syrup is that good and you’re going to want to eat the whole jar.   Hershey’s probably won’t want you to make this, but you should make it anyway.  Live…