• Fresh, light, bright and super flavorful. This Chicken Pomodoro is my favorite chicken dish. Simple to make, organic/gmo-free. #Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    60 Minutes or Less,  Chicken

    Chicken Pomodoro Non-GMO

    Happy Fast and Furious Friday everyone!  Today I’m going to share this recipe with one of my favorite food blogs called The Food Renegade.  TFR  hosts a food blog carnival on Fridays, called Fight Back Friday where fellow (Renegade) food bloggers can share a link to a recipe or article on their blog.  I love The Food Renegade because I consider myself a bit of a renegade.  I am a lover of what we foodies call “SOLE” food.  SOLE stands for Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical.” I’m trying to cook with as many organic and non-GMO ingredients as I can find because I’m highly opposed to GMOs, and am trying to take control…