• 30-Minute Mondays- Beef & Bean Enchiladas by Real Food Girl Unmodified Pinning this for later!

    30-Minute Mondays- Beef and Bean Enchiladas

    Mexican food is one of my top 4 favorite cuisines.  I suppose if I were to be honest, there is actually a three-way tie between Mexican, Asian and Italian cuisines for second place with French being my #1 favorite to cook and eat. There is just something about the fresh flavors, the spice, the heat, and simplicity of Mexican food that I really like.  I do tend to Americanize my Mexican dishes for the blog, but some day, I’ll break out the authentic stuff taught to me by some of the line cooks at the restaurants where I worked.  I simply have no idea where I packed those notes when we moved last…

  • Real Food Tex-Mex Pasta Bake by Real Food Girl. This is must try, easy, comfort food. Pin me!
    60 Minutes or Less

    Real Food Tex-Mex Pasta Bake

     I had a tough time naming this dish.   It looks like a Goulash, but not only is it not Hungarian, it’s also not a stew.  My grandmother used to make something similar to this using elbow macaroni, a can of  Campbell’s™  Tomato soup, and a can of Chicken Gumbo along with some ground beef.  It’s tasty, but that old standby needed some new life breathed into it.  Hence how this dish was born.  I took one of my grandpa’s favorite dishes and I breathed new life into it. I finally decided on Tex-Mex because the dish has Southwestern, American and Mexican components to it.  And to give this dish even more of an…