• Ridiculously easy lemon curd by real food girl: unmodified|| tart, creamy, amazing!
    Dairy Free,  Desserts,  Gluten Free

    Ridiculously Easy Lemon Curd

    Ridiculously Easy Lemon Curd is just that, ridiculously easy to make.  If you can measure ingredients and stand over a sauce pan and stir, you can make this lemon curd. Cross my heart people. Easy, tart, zesty, bright, fresh, lemon curdy goodness can be yours and you don’t need to be a professional baker to make it.  This recipe is my easy version of a citrus based curd. There are versions where you stand over a double boiler and whisk in tiny specs of chilled butter one piece at a time, wishing you’d remembered to run to the bathroom before you started whisking, and eventually having to go to the hospital because you…

  • Chocolate Depression Cake in a Mug-- by Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    Desserts,  Snacks

    Chocolate Depression Cake in a Mug

    We have 11 weeks until we pack up our entire home here in MN and move down to SC.  I’m starting to panic.  Just a little.  I have to have a somewhat major surgery in a few weeks, I have a house to sell, I have a moving/garage sale to organize, there is packing and deep cleaning that still needs to be done and I’m starting to wonder if one 26 foot U-Haul is going to be enough to hold all our stuff. Because I have no idea if that U-Haul is going to hold everything, I decided to start using up as much of my pantry baking staples as I could so…