• Sea Salted Caramel Corn with Dark Chocolate Drizzle?! Yes Please!! From Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Sea Salted Caramel Corn with Chocolate Drizzle

    After being teased with some warmer weather earlier last week, it’s back to being darn right cold again.  TSM and I wanted to go see the latest Die Hard movie, but it was too chilly to bundle up and drive to the movie theater, so I decided a movie night at home, snuggling with TSM, in my flannel jammies with some homemade caramel corn was a better idea.  Did you know that this popcorn makes 007 Skyfall an even BETTER movie than it already is?  Yup.  Truth.   I’ve had this caramel corn recipe since I was about 14 years old.  I got it from a friend I went to school with.  We were…