• Perfect Mashed Potatoes by Real Food Girl Unmodified
    Side Dishes

    The Perfect Rustic Style Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed potatoes. The quintessential comfort food. There isn’t anything that a bowl of smashed up taters drenched in melted butter and bursting forth with gravy can’t make better.  Chopped off your thumb in a woodworking accident?  Here, have some mashed potatoes.  Boyfriend dumped you for your best friend?  Psh- not to worry.  Have some mashed potatoes–and you get extra gravy.  Didn’t get the winning lottery ticket?  Aww, stop buying lottery tickets and buy potatoes instead. Why? Because you can make mashed potatoes with potatoes and you can only make a book mark or a redneck toothpick with a lottery ticket.  It’s a no brainer, really.    I go in phases where I want…

  • Ghee Whiz--by Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Ghee Whiz!

    In keeping with my theme of easy recipes–if you can even call them recipes, I realized I have never taught you guys how to make ghee, also known as clarified butter.  Ghee whiz! What kind of Real Food Blogger/Chef do I think I am?  Talk about dropping the ball.  Hopefully you’ll forgive me this teensy transgression because I feel terrible that it’s taken me so long to share this little gem of a kitchen staple with you. I’ve been using clarified butter since my favorite French chef-instructor taught us how to make it in culinary school.  I think I made it once, years before I ever went to school, back when I was…