• Faux-reo Cheesecake Bars. Because even REAL food foodies need a treat once in a while! Happy Valentine's Day from Real Food Girl: Unmodified!
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    Faux-reo Cheesecake Bars

    Happy Valentine’s Day fellow Food Hippies!   I have a lovely treat for you guys.  It’s two of my most favoritest food things in the whole wide world combined together.  Cheese and cake.  Ha!  Kidding.  Make that cheesecake and Oreos.  “Whaaa?  I thought you were REAL Food Girl??”  Don’t worry, I am.  And I did not use real Oreos in this recipe.  Hence the name of the recipe:  Faux-reo Cheesecake Bars.  It rhymes with Oreo, but not with GMO soy, HFCS and other nasty ingredients.  You guys should be VERY happy that the original recipe that I had planned to share with you today had major flaws that could not be fixed even though…