• Peanut Butter Dog Treats. Also known as "Crunchy Mailmen" in our house. Golden Retriever approved. No-tree nut recipe version as well. #Real Food Girl: Unmodified
    Dog treats

    Crunchy Mailmen- (Dog Treats) Non-GMO

    Meet our fur beasts.  Honor is our 3-year-old male Golden Retriever- he’s the big brute in the front in the picture below.  Delaney (Laney) is our 7-year-old female Golden Retriever.  It’s rare you’ll see her without a ball or toy either near her or in her mouth.  In this picture she was kind enough to take it out and put it down in front of her.  I’m curious how many in our little blog community have dogs.  Do you ever make them homemade treats?