• Homemade Black Beans by Real Food Girl Unmodified- Gotta love from scratch! Pinning so I can make these later.
    Beans and Legumes

    How To Make Black Beans- So You Don’t Have to Buy Canned

    This post has bean a long time coming.  <— Ha! See what I did there?  All puns aside, I love dried beans and they are so easy to prepare.  I do enjoy the convenience of canned beans and there are some decent organic brands out there, yet there is something to be said about preparing them from scratch.  I’ve been trying to use fewer canned items and because they are cheap and basically low maintenance in the preparation department. I thought I’d share with you how to make your own beans so that you can use them in other dishes such as my Skillet Tamale Pie or you can add them to my…