Days 12-16 Whole30 Real Food Girl Unmodified

Sooo, I’m doing a 90-Day Burn with my Young Living Business, and to help me with my temptation to stay online all day long, vs. getting work done and doing what I know I need to do to support my team, and help other reach their goals, I gave my laptop to The Stud Muffin.  I forgot to let him know that I needed something off the laptop before he removed all my files, and I lost all the notes I’d taken about how I felt, what we’d eaten, epiphanies I’d had, emotions we’d experienced, etc., etc. on days 12-16, and so I am going to have to wing it. I’m going to have to wing it because I can’t remember everything we ate, and about the only thing I can remember is how I felt during those days and the thoughts that ran through my mind.

Real Food Girl Whole30 Challenge

Remember back on Day #1 where I was telling you that I set my mind? Well, something came and unset it around day 12, and I’ve been wishing we’d never started this darn challenge.  On top of that, my hormones are regulating and I’ve had THREE visits from Aunt “Redgrave” in the past 5 weeks. THREE!  I know, that’s too much information, but if you want to know what it’s like to do this challenge, and if you want to know about some things that may happen to you, then I’m going to share it all. Good. Bad. Ugly. And, TMI! #sorrynotsorry

It could just be the hormones that have me in a funk, or it could be that I’m really struggling with the loss of convenience items like cheese, beans, rice, oatmeal, granola, yogurt, all my soup recipes (which contain non-compliant ingredients).  I actually am starting to dislike food. I have been seriously lacking in the appetite department for the past 5 days. And lately, going to the grocery store has just been torture. I just want a chocolate chip cookie!! Ok, fine. I want 3. I want THREE cookies. STAT. With a tall glass of cold, raw, milk. 

mind over matter
Aside from my hormones being all wonky, I’m also rather melancholy. So much of what TSM and I do outside of the home centers around food. We love to try new restaurants, spend the day shopping or going places where we’ll be eating fun foods, and we’ve been sitting at home for the past 16+ days trying to think of fun things we can do where we won’t miss the foods that we’re used to consuming while doing said fun activity. Like going to the movies. We can’t have popcorn. I sometimes make my own and stuff it in a gallon zipper top bag, and put it in my purse. Homemade is better than whatever is sold at a movie theater, but we can’t have corn. Or butter. Or fun. LOL. I’m kidding. We can have fun. I’m just in a funk. 

If I were being 100% truthful right this minute, I’d tell you that both TSM and I want to be done with this. Like seriously done. I miss French cooking. I don’t enjoy vegetables the way we’re eating them. I can only take roasted veggies for so long before I’m ready to scream. I’m not uber creative in the kitchen, and I like simple recipes, not fancy, over the top recipes with 20 ingredients just for a veggie recipe. So food has been a bit boring here. I’m starting to rethink this entire thing, and feel that maybe the 21 Day Sugar Fast would have been a better route.

TSM at Dinner Time

TSM at Dinner Time

The Stud Muffin is doing better with keeping his opinions about this challenge to himself. He’s lost a full 2 inches off his waste and went down a shirt size to boot. So he’s lost a pant size and a shirt size in just under 14 days. I’m still too bloated from hormones to know really how I’m doing in that arena.  It’s probably best that we aren’t allowed to jump on the scale to see our progress  because I’d probably want to punch the scale. 

We’re both tired of eggs for breakfast. However, we both agreed that once this is over, we won’t bring cereal or other convenient packaged breakfast “foods” back into the house.  I’ll make homemade waffles and pancakes from Einkorn wheat, we’ll enjoy oatmeal, homemade granola, and smoothies. And, once we’re ready to look at eggs again, I’ll make quiche, hash browns and sausages. 

We believe that choosing our snacks more wisely, or doing a better job of filling up on wholesome, nutrient dense foods during meal times is important. If we don’t eat balanced meals, we want to snack. When you snack, you choose simple carbs, simple carbs make you want more simple carbs, and sugar, and those aren’t nutrient dense, so you become malnourished, you’re constantly hungry, and you get fatter and fatter and fatter. Inflammation takes over your body, and you start to experience dis ease.  I’m not willing to live like that.

We also both agreed at the value of making our meals balanced. A serving of protein, a serving of fat, optional serving of fruit and the rest of the plate is veggies. I know I need to find some tasty veggie side dish recipes that we both like, but until then, this is pretty much how I feel about veggies.

girl sticking nose up at brussels sprouts

I’m just not a fan. I do like raw carrots and cauliflower, and salads. But I’m not someone who can eat 2 salads a day for 30 days. I just can’t. If you can, Bless your heart. Seriously. Bless it up one side and down the other. You should be sainted! 

Actually, I don’t mind roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon (but I like to add a little cream and butter), and I did eat 4 little pieces of roasted beets the other day and I didn’t die, so that’s a good thing, right?  

You’re probably wondering how I could call myself Real Food Girl and not like vegetables. It’s easy. I just ate them because I knew I had to, but as often as I could, I’d break out my inner French Chef and make them decadent. I rarely steamed anything, or I’d include most of them in one pot meals, that included rice, pasta or beans, all of which we can’t have right now.  Man I want a cinnamon roll. LOL! 

My seasonal allergies have been the worst they’ve ever been. Somewhere between days 12-16, I went through almost 4 boxes of Puffs in ONE day. Not even kidding. The pollen here is unreal. It coats everything. It’s thick, yellow, and blows in through the vents in your car and you can’t escape it. So between the hormones, no cheese, and runaway allergies, I have not been a happy camper. 

lucy crabby

So why do we bother continuing when we’re both feeling pretty blah about this whole thing? Because we’re seeing benefits. Because we know that if we quit now, it will be too easy to fall back into bad habits. Because if we quit now, I’d have to tell all of you that we quit. That we were too weak and wimpy to give up sugar, grains, dairy, legumes and booze for 30 days.  If we quit now, we’ll lose respect for ourselves. So we’re doing this. We officially have 13 days left and I’m counting those days down like a prisoner awaiting his release date.  Maybe you could pray for us. Pray that we can get our minds right and try our best to enjoy these last 13 days on the challenge. 

Towards the end of the challenge you’re supposed to feel what they call “Tigers Blood”. It’s where you feel unstoppable, have insane energy, stamina, strength, mental clarity, joyful mood, etc. I know friends who never experienced that. So far TSM and I have not felt that in the least. I did feel better on days 1-10 than I have on days 12-16. That’s for darn tootin’…

Even with feeling like I feel right now, which I know in my heart is temporary, I would still recommend this challenge to everyone. Without a doubt. 

Until tomorrow-

Real Food Girl: Unmodified
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