Day 7 RFG Whole30 journey

Welcome to our crazy Whole30 Challenge. Where The Stud Muffin, and I get back to eating healthful, Real, and nutrient dense foods, plus eliminate all inflammation causing food groups for 30 days to see just exactly which foods are hindering us on our quest for optimal health and wellness! 

Real Food Girl Whole30 Challenge

I have officially made it ONE WHOLE WEEK on the Whole30 Challenge. And, amazingly enough, so has The Stud Muffin! YAY!!  We’re still married, too! 😉

Well, here we are, 7 days into our Whole30 adventure and we’re doing well.  The past 7 days haven’t been without ups and downs, but overall, it hasn’t been too bad. I’m starting to get a feel for how much food we’ll actually eat each week.  I have learned I need to prep as many components for our meals in 1 or 2 days throughout the week so I don’t feel like I spend ALL day in the kitchen, and I need to buy padded bandages, because my knife gave me a big, fat, blister on the base of my pointer finger, where I rest that part of my finger on the bolster of my blade. 

Just be forewarned. You may receive a battle wound or two while doing Whole30, but wear that like a badge of honor my Whole30 Warriors!! I covered mine with Darth Vader because I’m a kick-butt Whole30 Warrior. And I have a blister to prove it. 

Battlewounds via Whole30 Real Food Girl

Other than the blister, and a paper cut from printing a compliant recipe, I’m still standing. 

Some Unexpected Challenges-

Today presented itself with a couple challenges. 

The first was grocery shopping with TSM. He’s having a very hard time with the drastic changes. That’s right. A stud muffin of a man, who handled Air Force Basic Training with ease, who paid his way through a private high school while working an almost full time job and getting passing grades, a man who can rebuild a Jetta while practically blindfolded.  Yes, this manly, man is not enjoying these changes. AT. ALL!

We did some grocery shopping together, and after 4 years of Real Food eating, he’s still shocked at how much organic, nutritious food costs. Anyway, we stocked up on meat, produce, coconut milk (that will be your best friend, trust me), some fruit and 3 dozen eggs.

He shared his unhappy thoughts about all the foods I wasn’t adding into the cart.  To lighten the mood I asked him what he missed most and he told me “sweet tea”… He stated that he just wants something to drink other than water and black coffee.  He doesn’t like LaCroix, he doesn’t like Kombucha or water kefir, so he’s feeling very, very deprived.  I on the other hand said that I would really enjoy a cupcake. Just one, lovely, pretty, cupcake. 

Satan is a cupcake temptress

Satan Stopped by with Cupcakes!

We live in a quiet subdivision with mostly retired military.  One of our sweet neighbors stopped by a few hours after we got back from the grocery store.  She had a plate of the prettiest cupcakes ever. And they were from my favorite local cupcake boutique. And she wanted to give us each a cupcake. She was sharing them with all the neighbors in the cul de sac. 

I didn’t have the heart to tell her I couldn’t take her gift because we were doing Whole30 and not eating any sugar, cake, grains, dairy, etc… all while her eyes would most likely glaze over. So I thanked her, picked out a red velvet (for TSM) and a vanilla cupcake with sprinkles (my favorite) and brought them in the house.

TSM’s eyes got all wide and he went “OOOOooooh”!  I looked at him with an “I’m SO sorry” expression on my face, and said, I didn’t have the heart to tell her we couldn’t have these. I went to throw them in the trash and was like, nope. I may just dig them out and stuff them in my face. These have to go down the garbage disposal. So, down the disposal they went! 

Seriously!! I just killed cupcakes. I had them IN my hands- just INCHES from my mouth. I didn’t smell them, or lick them or even lick my fingers after I disposed of them. I promptly washed my hands. I WIN!! 

Also, I really hate my garbage disposal right now. Sigh… 

If I can murder cupcakes, then anyone can do Whole30 and be successful! 

What Did We Eat Today?

For breakfast we had (once again…because I lack creativity in the kitchen) sausage, bacon, potato/sweet potato hash with caramelized onions and spinach. Eggs, some coconut mixed with a little pineapple juice and half an avocado.

In the interest of full disclosure we aren’t allowed to have smoothies or juice (other than to sweeten things) while on Whole30.  That being said, I’m having a very difficult time getting in all my fat requirements. So, I take fresh pineapple, blend it, and add it to some canned, organic coconut milk. I make sure I drink it with my meal so my body doesn’t think of it as dessert. It’s mostly coconut cream/milk and a little pineapple. Not much. I can only eat so many nuts, avocado and handfuls of coconut flakes. I don’t like olives.  I think next week I’m going to buy a bottle of flax seed oil and take a couple tablespoons each day. I’ll get some fat in that way. 

For lunch I made just the tuna from my Tuna Melt recipe. No bread or cheese. I had some veggies (raw), and some cashews.

For dinner, we had grilled ribeye steaks, roasted veggies with my roasted veggies recipe (I used bacon fat and clarified butter instead of olive oil and regular butter) and half an avocado for dinner.  

roasted real food veggies

I don’t know about you, but after turning down a glorious cupcake, I’m going to need a good night’s sleep. 

See you for Day #8

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Red Velvet Cupcake– From Pinch My Salt
Very Vanilla Cupcakes– From Kiss the Foodie

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