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Welcome to our crazy Whole30 Challenge. Where The Stud Muffin, and I get back to eating healthful, Real, and nutrient dense foods, plus eliminate all inflammation causing food groups for 30 days to see just exactly which foods are hindering us on our quest for optimal health and wellness!  We’re going from 80/20 to 100%, folks. And it’s about to get real up in here!! 

energy I have breathe and blink

Here we are at day #10. I have energy, but have an overwhelming desire to just nap. I’m not sure if it’s the copious amounts of pollen collecting on every surface inside and outside the house, or if it is my body adjusting to its new sources of fuel. Either way, the above image about sums up how I felt today. 

The Stud Muffin has had a rough 10 days.  And by rough, I mean R O U G H. And he’s made his frustrations, dissatisfaction, irritation, annoyance, and unhappiness known in multiple ways and multiple times each day. So, I did what any good wife would do. I went out and bought him bread, cheese, lunchmeat, cream, sugar, milk, etc, and left him a note to find the next morning telling him that he didn’t have to do Whole30 anymore. YAY!! You’re done!! Whoo-hoo. 

And World War III ensued over that kind gesture. 

lead balloon

I’m not going to go into detail about what all was said and done, however I will say that TSM is still doing Whole30. He didn’t eat any of the foods I bought him, and we’ve agreed to put that whole thing behind us. 😉 

If you are going to do Whole30 and fear that your partner or spouse won’t be supportive, the Whole30 website has some great blog articles that may just be helpful.  Flying SoloDear Melissa, and My Husband are three articles that are truly helpful in giving you tools and advice on how to navigate Whole30 when your other half isn’t behaving like the lovable person you know them to be. 

Just hang in there, stick to the program, and remember that this too, shall pass! It’s only 30 days!! 

Whole30 tired of eggs

I’m not sure how TSM isn’t tired of eggs, but I sort of never want to see another egg ever again. TSM made my breakfast today the other day and asked “How do you want your eggs?”  I was like IN CAKE!! Seriously. I can’t wait to have a bowl of oatmeal… or a smoothie! Today I actually feel like I’ve reached my limits on several foods. I don’t want to see roasted veggies, a potato, a sweet potato, eggs… the list could go on. I am enjoying the benefits of Whole30, but today, I’m tired of every compliant food there is. This is normal. And it too shall pass. 

I think some of the reasons that I’m tired of the compliant foods is because I’m suffering from “Myfoodisboringitis”.  I’m going to look through all those recipes that I printed and saved prior to starting this adventure and whip up some new recipes. Remaking some of our favorites just isn’t cutting it anymore.  If anything that makes me miss the ingredients that I would like to add to the dishes, but cannot. All I know is that eating eggs every day for breakfast just makes me want to bake a cake. 😉 

Today for breakfast we had Sweet & Savory Blueberry Tortilla, hashbrowns with avocado and bacon. 

For lunch we had left over chicken and veggies. 

For dinner I made Pan-Fried Cumin-Cayenne Tilapia, roasted asparagus, cauliflower and carrots. I had coconut milk for my fat.  I did not use the flour this time around in this recipe. I just mixed all the spices, sprinkled it over both sides of the fish, and pan fried in clarified butter. 


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See ya’ll tomorrow! 

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