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Hi Food Hippies! I’d like to introduce another fantastic partner to the Real Food Girl Shop; my friend Nina from Shalom Mama.

I am super excited to let you guys know about her *New* DIY Natural Remedies eBook.  On these pages you’ll see lots of great, easy-to-do, effective remedies for anything your family might need.  From burns, scrapes, cuts, bug bites, upset tummies, colds…you name it. Nina worked hard to ensure that each and every recipe was something you could make quickly and she uses real quality ingredients, organic essential oils and herbs.   I stand in awe of people who make these homemade remedies.  Simply amazes me!

If you have been eager to start making over your medicine cabinet, this is the book for you.  If you have limited space and resources, but want to start somewhere, this is the book for you.  If you’re tired of supporting big-pharma and just want to offer your family safer, greener, healthier options, than this book is for you.  Nina, her husband and their four children live in a renovated school bus- so she knows all about simplicity and natural, green living.

Shalom Mama is one of my favorite blogs, despite the fact that my (step) kids are grown and have children of their own. It’s a “resource for families seeking to live more intentionally. It’s a community of like-minded moms and dads who want to simplify their lives and live more naturally.”

Nina writes about simple natural living – homemaking, family, health, DIY and, well, living. Much of what she shares comes from her own personal experiences. Her blog is loaded with practical, step-by-step methods to help you simplify your life and live more naturally.  And in the pages of her eBook you’ll learn:

  • How to create your own natural medicine cabinet
  • How to use essential oil remedies
  • Top herbs & essential oils to keep on hand at all times
  • 25 simple recipes for natural remedies you can use on the whole family
  • How to make herbal bar soap

I truly believe that you guys are going to love this eBook and will be super excited and proud of yourselves for making much healthier alternatives to the over the counter remedies that you’ve been using as well as empowering you to make changes to the foods you eat.  This book is a wealth of information that every family should have.

Just click on the image below and it will bring you to the page where you can purchase her eBook. 


DIY Natural Remedies by Shalom Mama on Real Food Girl Unmodified

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Shalom Mama on Simple, Natural Health and Living-

Nina also has another eBook that I find equally as informative and full of great resources, tips and advice.  It’s called Simple Natural Health.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How to use natural remedies to keep your family healthy all year long
  • Why real food is your body’s best defense against illness
  • How planning ahead can save you hundreds on groceries
  • How to make simple changes to increase health and happiness in your home


Shalom Mama DIY Natural Remedies featured on Real Food Girl: Unmodified

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I believe you can’t go wrong with either of these books.  I know that you will enjoy each one, find them both to be jammed packed with relevant, duplicable information.


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