Day 5 Real Food Girl Whole30 Journey

Welcome to our crazy Whole30 Challenge. Where The Stud Muffin, and Real Food Girl (That’d be me) get back to eating healthful, Real, and nutrient dense foods, plus eliminate all inflammation causing food groups for 30 days to see just exactly which foods are hindering them on their quest for optimal health and wellness! 

  Real Food Girl Whole30 Challenge
(Yes, I am not yet finished with days 3 and 4, but I started sharing these updates on my personal FB page and I don’t want those who are following me to have to wait two days for me to get those posts completed, so this will be published out of order. I’ll fix it once days 3 and 4 are completed.) 🙂 
First things first- it feels like it’s been longer than 5 days. I woke up and was like “WHAT? I’m only on day five? Are you sure? It feels like I should be done by now”. But alas, it’s day 5. 

Today was the first day where I was actually HUNGRY for lunch! YAY!! So I had potato & sweet potato hash (an adaptation of my Yankee Breakfast Hash) with chicken-n-apple sausages for breakfast.

I had leftover (compliant) taco salad for lunch. I was craving something bubbly, so I had a glass of Kombucha with my lunch.  Tasty, satisfying, and filling. 

I’ve been asked to, but I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to be sharing photos of the meals I make, simply because I don’t feel like breaking out the snazzy camera. We’re building a new house, the house we’re renting is on the market, I’m building a business, doing Whole30, packing, keeping my house “Show ready”, and I have an ailing dog. I think I have enough on my plate. Ha! Pardon the pun. 

Alright, back to my daily breakdown- I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Maybe I had too much energy? I’m really not sure. I have read that some people have a couple nights where they just can’t fall asleep. But I wasn’t panicked about it, like I normally would be. I just laid there and rested… chatted with God a little bit. Mentally decorated my new home. Had strange half asleep-half awake dreams about tacos chasing me down the street, hollering at me to eat their crispy non-compliant shells… with Mexican accents to boot! 

Scary Taco dreams- Real Food Girl Whole30 Adventure


TSM slept like a baby last night for the first time in a LONG time. He averages about 45 minutes per night of REM sleep. Truly not enough.  I grabbed my Blendtec blender, filled it with 2 cups of ice cubes, about 1/2 cup of coconut cream/coconut milk, and a cup of fresh pineapple juice and blended it to a frothy, icy, creamy drink of tasty, healthy fat goodness. Poured it into a pretty glass, and stuck a straw in it, and handed it to TSM. It was the first smile and look of contentedness I’d seen on his face since starting this challenge and I felt like it was a huge personal win for us both. I finally found something that he liked, couldn’t find anything to complain about it, it satisfied him, and satiated him Because his body had a nice dose healthy fats and electrolytes before bed and his brain and organs had all they needed to allow him to sleep soundly. A good night’s sleep is so necessary for anyone trying to achieve optimal health and wellness. If you aren’t sleeping, your body can’t repair, restore, renew or operate optimally. 

Real Food Girl Whole30 Adventures  

When I overhauled our eating habits back in 2012- right around the time I started this blog, TSM and I saw darn near immediate results and quickly reaped the benefits of eating real food, prepared from scratch, with fresh, organic, pastured raised ingredients. I went from being sick and tired of being sick and tired, to feeling better, and not being *as* sick or tired. TSM was finally losing weight and gaining energy. He was sleeping well, too. 
Shortly after that I started using Young Living Essential Oils, and my body began to use the building blocks of good nutrition and God’s “medicine” to restore some harmony, balance and healing to my body. I felt alive, energized and unstoppable.

Aaaannd then we moved to South Carolina. Homesickness crept in, I had a bad attitude about the house we were renting, I had no friends, no church, there were BIG HONKING evil, vile, 6-legged creatures of doom scary bugs and snakes and cockroaches here.  Then my symptoms from a surgery I had prior to our move came back, which left me with zero energy and zero motivation to do anything but practice my skills at being a slug. Although I wasn’t as cute as our little Super Slug down below. Nope. Not at all. (sad face)…

RFG Super Slug Whole30 Adventures

I couldn’t easily get the foods I was used to getting up in Minnesota, without running all over the entire middle third of the State, AND spending 25-40% more than what those same items cost me back home, which I could also get at a local market… and I sorta gave in and gave up. Essentially, it was like when a Christian backslides… except we were backsliding right into some old, unhealthy eating habits. We were eating foods that weren’t as nutrient dense, only mostly from scratch, but I kept justifying that if I could at least get organic produce, organic, raw dairy and pasture raised meats, whatever else I compromised on, wasn’t that big of a deal.

WRONG! It was a big deal. The Stud Muffin put on more weight, I started feeling unwell again, my stomach issues started to return sporadically, my energy levels plummeted, my brain and memory were in a fog, and I wasn’t joy-filled and chipper, like I usually am. We were unhappy. We were just surviving and trudging through. God did NOT create us to trudge. And if you’re trudging it may be time to have a good and honest talk with yourself. I’d love to help you get away from trudging and step into the life of wellness, purpose and abundance that Christ died for us to have, and that God created us for. 
Essential oils helped tremendously, but like I share with my team members, “The oils will only do so much if you’re not fueling your body properly”… “You can’t eat garbage and expect the oils to correct your poor choices. They aren’t cure-all’s for bad choices and poor eating habits. Period.”

We’ve developed this mentality where a pill, or cream, or oil, or tincture, or supplement will or should fix our bad choices. We view holistic and natural products and remedies like drugs, when we should be looking at them as fuel and building blocks for our bodies.  We need to break free from the Big Pharma stronghold that is over us as a Nation.  

We must stop thinking that any natural fix we implement will make our bad decisions okay, or acceptable, or understandable, or justifiable– fix the damage just enough so we can continue to be lazy and not make the changes we instinctively know our body is crying out for. It’s like, we’ll ask for forgiveness instead of permission. Here, I’ll eat like crap 7 days a week, but it’s okay because I take supplements and essential oils or drink shakes, or colored drinks, and that will make it all OK. I’m *trying*… No you aren’t. Stop bull-shizzing yourself. Please.

Do or Do Not- There is no Try- Whole30 Real Food Girl

We justify our bad choices. We’re too busy, too broke, too this, too that, to eat right and treat our bodies as the temples that God created them to be. We keep telling ourselves “I’m trying”… Yeah, whatever. How does that lie taste each time it touches your lips? It should be bitter. Very bitter. There is no try. Only DO. Yoda was right. Yoda was smart. Be like Yoda. DO! Even one small DO is better than covering up your poor nutritional choices with something good for you. Let me guess, you go to the gym and then go our for ice cream and pizza afterwards, don’t you?  Yeah, I thought so. STOP THAT! Don’t just work out so you can continue to give your body garbage. It will eventually turn on you and fail you. I promise.  Instead, you can join TSM and I in your own Whole30 challenge! 

I had felt led for some time to remove conventional gluten from our diets (but still consume ancient Einkorn wheat products, which have about half the chromosomes of modern, hybridized wheat), but kept making excuses. It will be hard, I don’t have time, I don’t want to have to find where to buy all this stuff, TSM won’t like it. Whatever– I just made excuses. Then I felt led to stop eating candy. Psh- give up candy?? I can’t do that!! I eat organic produce and raw dairy from pasture raised moo-cows, and I eat pastured raised meats… I can have candy in moderation. Um…Nope. I can’t. I have a sugar dragon and he’s HUGE!! He won’t let me do any candy in moderation. I’m embarrassed at how much candy I was eating after we moved here. 🙁

Real Food Girl Sugar Dragon


So today on day #5- I don’t feel like this ‘shell’ of a person. I don’t feel like I’m some semi-animated meat suit wondering aimlessly, just surviving. I feel alive. It’s the best word I can use to describe something that in actuality is indescribable. I got up at 7:15 AM to make TSM’s breakfast and I had only managed to get about 4 hours of sleep, but there it was, bright and early, and I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.  

I was surprised, but I was actually awake. Like awake-awake. I went back to bed after he left for work out of habit, because that is what I would normally do as I would still be so sleepy… Today I struggled to fall back to sleep, but didn’t want to have to take an afternoon nap, and then not sleep well tonight, so I ended up getting in an additional hour of sleep. Normally, I’d be dragging my feet, but I’m not.   

I didn’t dread washing my hair and styling it this morning. Sometimes when you work from home, ‘adulting’ (taking a bath, getting dressed, doing hair and makeup) seems futile.

Some of the Non-Scale Victories that I’ve noticed so far are

  • My daily heartburn is almost non-existent. Yes, oils helped immensely with that, but when you’re shoveling candy down your pie hole 24/7- inflammation is going to outgrow whatever the oils are trying to balance. So I dealt with heartburn. A LOT. 
  • I’m more awake and alert during the day. I just “feel” different. 
  • I actually looked forward to doing my hair and looking like a contributing member of society. 
  • I don’t have those energy crashes mid-day. 

Whole30 adventures with Real Food Girl

All in all, this has so far, been a positive experience. It did help that about a month before we started I set my mind that I was going to have a good experience, reap many positive benefits, that it would be hard, but not impossible, and that God would give me the strength I needed to get through this.  

I’ve read that days 6-7 are when we just want to nap, but starting on day 8, I’m supposed to have boundless energy.  I am not sure the world is ready for me to have boundless energy, but I’m willing to test it out. 

I’m glad we’re doing this. It isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. I’m about 90% certain we’ll be mostly Paleo (with some raw dairy, and some natural sweeteners and some grains– as long as our bodies tolerate them) once we finish this challenge, and that in and of itself is huge because for the past two+ years I have NOT agreed with the premise of the Paleo lifestyle. I think removing all gluten/grains unless you have Celiac is dangerous. Our bodies need vital gluten– which is where sprouted grains or ancient einkorn wheat comes into play. I worry that we will see a whole host of new ailments crop up because of this vilification and avoidance of ALL grains.  

I am still 110% anti-GMOs… and I still believe wholeheartedly that organic is the best route to avoid the damage being done to our bodies by excessive chemical pesticides, but now I’m starting to see that being more intentional with food choices, and considering a mostly Paleo lifestyle, may be the way to go. Time will tell. 

Until tomorrow- Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Oily, and Just Eat Real Food!

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