Welcome to our crazy Whole30 Challenge. Where The Stud Muffin, and I get back to eating clean, healthful, Real, and nutrient dense foods, plus eliminate all inflammation causing food groups for 30 days to see just exactly which foods are hindering us on our quest for optimal health and wellness!  We’re going from 80/20 to 100%, folks. Join us if you dare!

Real Food Girl Whole30 Challenge

Today I’m going to share a recipe that was recommended in one of the Whole30 Facebook groups of which I am a member. 

It’s nothing fancy, but it covers all the components of a balanced meal, minus the fat and it can be made in ONE pot. I love one pot meals. Especially when they are uber tasty!

Before I share the recipe, I thought I’d update everyone on some of the non-scale victories that TSM and I have had. 

TSM is down a full pant size already. Pretty exciting! He already has a closet full of clothes in that size, so he’s pretty excited that his wardrobe essentially grew overnight. 

My face is looking thinner, and my moods have stabilized. Not that I was an emotional basket case prior to Whole30, but I’ve found myself just feeling and acting more stable and even-keeled. I feel more grounded.

I was experimenting a bit, as I’d rather know now than once I’m in the reintroduction phase at the end, but eating fruit alone gives me heartburn.  They don’t want us eating fruit alone, but the reality is, that some days, you just grab an apple or a handful of grapes to tide you over until your next meal. So I wanted to see how I would respond to eating some fruit before a meal.  Interestingly enough. It gave me heartburn.  Now I know- I must always eat fruit WITH a protein and fat. Which you should do anyway. 

Other than those little victories, today was very uneventful. I still have more energy and stamina, which I love. I’m sleeping very well, and I’m waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. I haven’t felt ready to take on the day upon waking, in YEARS!

this could be us if we didn't like cake

Eggroll in a Bowl was a life saver of a recipe. I’m not really excited to admit that I am NOT creative when it come to meal times. Or at least I haven’t been in the last few years.  And where I would think Whole30 would bring out my inner creativeness, and my inner chef, it’s sort of made me crawl into a hole of safeness and familiarity because too many other crazy life things are going on at once, and I’m at a complete loss as to what to cook for meals, while trying to stay on a budget- which I’m learning, isn’t that easy here in SC.  

I tweaked this recipe quite a bit.  First of all, I used homemade chicken stock. Not “broth”.  I also used both fresh and ground ginger, and I used a compliant chili paste instead of red pepper flakes. I also added a few splashes of Red Boat Fish Sauce, and a splash of Rice Wine Vinegar and this dish really comes alive!! Oh, and I used 1 bag of organic shredded cole slaw mix and half a bag of organic matchstick carrots. It saved me a ton of time in the kitchen, and when you’re on Whole30, you totally want to save time in the kitchen. 

I didn’t prepare it like she stated, either. This recipe actually made me want to pull out my hair- if there was a way to make something taste bland and unhappy, the way this recipe is written would do it. 

Start by finely dicing an onion, and add some clarified butter to a large skillet.  When the butter is melted, add the onion and sauté on low heat until transparent, about 5 minutes, add the ground pork, 1 TB of the coconut aminos, a few splashes of Red Boat Fish sauce, black pepper, the ground ginger, and toss in two minced cloves of garlic, not three, and increase the heat to medium-high.  Cook, stirring constantly until no pink remains in the pork, add another TB of coconut aminos, a tsp. of freshly grated ginger, (taste first) add a little salt, some chicken stock (just enough to steam the cabbage and carrots- you aren’t making soup. I think I used 2/3 cup), mix well, toss in your slaw mix and carrots, reduce heat to medium, cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly, taste, adjust seasonings, and then serve.  All you need is your extra fat, and you’ve got a balanced Whole30 meal! YAY!! 

Find the Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe HERE.

See you guys tomorrow! 

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