Real Food Girl Whole30 Challenge

Welcome to our crazy Whole30 Challenge. Where The Stud Muffin, and Real Food Girl (That’d be me) get back to eating healthful, Real, and nutrient dense foods, plus eliminate all inflammation causing food groups for 30 days to see just exactly which foods are hindering them on their quest for optimal health and wellness! 

Today is Day #1!! 

I’m going to share some great information that you need to know about the Whole30 Program.  The Stud Muffin and I decided that we needed to reset our bodies and minds, detox, and put some good habits into place. Since moving to South Carolina almost 3 years ago, we’ve gone back to some very Non-Real Food Girl ways of eating. 🙁 Sorry, it’s true. I’m being real. 

To learn what Whole30 is about, check out the Program Rules, or their post for Newbies.  Whole30 also has a Blog with very helpful articles and posts to help you in this journey. 

About 2 months before we started, I ordered the Whole30 Book from Amazon.  I also got the Well Fed book for more prepping and shopping ideas as well as a few more meal ideas.  I also suggest reading “It Starts With Food“, before starting, if you get a chance. If not, don’t stress. 

I also mentioned over in my post on Day #5 that I ‘Set My Mind‘. I essentially told myself that it would be hard yet not impossible. I may experience detox symptoms, but I would survive and I’d reap unlimited benefits from doing this challenge and it would be an adventure. In essence I told myself it would be ‘fun’ in an effort to ward off any creeping feelings of dread and to keep my outlook positive.

Set Your mind for success and a positive outlook||Real Food Girl

I believe that this step alone has been instrumental in how I’ve viewed this entire process.  If you go into this focusing on nothing but what you CANNOT have, you’ll miss all that you can, and you will miss out on learning to enjoy new foods, developing healthy habits and giving your body the nutrients that it needs. You’ll miss out on all the victories along the way because you’ll be focusing on the lack and nothing more. Focus on what you CAN have, and appreciate, savor and enjoy those things. 

If you need a little help at the grocery store, preparing, check out this Whole30 101 Blog Post.  And here is a link to help you navigate the Whole30 website. Which is an INCREDIBLE source of helpful information.

For this post, I’m simply going to share with you some of the things that I shared on my social media throughout Day #1.  I think it’s helpful to be a part of everything that I am experiencing. The good, bad and the ugly. 🙂

Real Food Girl Whole30 Challenge

Spilling my guts on Social Media

Below is my first post on social media regarding Day #1- 

This morning I tried a Whole30 homemade sausage patty recipe. It was awful. More specifically it might explain why people possibly quit Whole30 before their 30 days is up.

Off to find my Le Cordon Bleu school recipes. We made amazing sausages and I am pretty sure with a couple small tweaks I can come up with something that doesn’t taste like an over-spiced dried-out pork burger.

The rest of breakfast consisted of an over-hard egg for me (I don’t like yolks), two over easy eggs for Crabby McCrabbypants (aka TSM), a few slices of avocado, sweet potato, regular potato and onion hash, coffee for CMcC, and coconut milk with a splash of compliant pineapple juice for me.

I couldn’t finish my whole meal- I typically do not eat large breakfasts so I have to get used to that.

It’s already past lunch time and I am not hungry. I think a small spinach and spring greens salad will be my mid-afternoon snack since there is no way I can eat lunch now. 🙂

So far I don’t want to throat punch anyone. I would like some candy though. Running to the store to get some Kleenex is going to be interesting.

And this: 

It’s going to be a long month if my brain keeps shouting things at me like CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! CHEESECAKE!!! BROWNIES!!! COOKIES!!! HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!!! CHEESE!!!
Seriously. My brain normally doesn’t even pipe up when it comes to telling me what it wants to eat, so this is new for me. :/

Then this one:

Feel free to hide me for the next 29.25 days… it’s cathartic to use Social Media as my diary for this Whole30 journey. Plus, I can look back and see how far I’ve come and what I was able to accomplish.

Tonight I marinated a skirt steak in fresh lime juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano, cumin, chipotle pepper, salt and fresh black pepper, and then grilled it to a nice medium rare, and sliced it on the bias.

I then sautéed a large skillet full of julienned sliced red and green bell peppers and red onions.

Earlier today I made a pint of homemade guacamole and a quart of homemade salsa.

We essentially had fajitas without the tortillas, but we used green leaf lettuce as a tortilla.

All in all, it was an incredibly tasty meal. CMcC missed his beloved tortilla, and I missed cheese. Other than that, it honestly didn’t *need* those things, it’s just that we’re so used to them, that our brain automatically thinks they should be on our plate.

We don’t eat skirt steak often, as it’s a very pricy cut of meat, but man- that was seriously tasty and we polished off the entire steak! I’m drooling just thinking about it!

And lastly:

When you’re told Larabars are Whole30 compliant and you mindlessly buy one of your new favorite flavors… and three bites into it realize, Oh my word this tastes so amazing, I love peanuts and chocolate… WAIT!! What? Did I just say peanuts and chocolate? You can’t HAVE that flavor! It’s not compliant!

Then to make matters worse, SUGAR was listed on the ingredient label, and sugar has never shown up on any of the other flavors that you’ve had before, and you cannot HAVE sugar, or chocolate or peanuts… So you cry a little. Just because.

That face when you accidentally eat a non-Whole30 compliant food

Technically, I’m supposed to start over because I had a “slip up”, but I’m just going to add another day onto the end, so it’ll be Whole31 for me… I didn’t slip intentionally, so it’s all good. 

Whoa- that was a long day. A headache, a cranky spouse, feeling like I wasn’t prepared at all, even though I was, cravings, emotional rollercoasters, mistakes.  The struggle is real my friends. The #whole30struggles are real! 

Aren’t you excited to hear about Day #2? 

Real Food Girl Whole30 Journey

I bet you are! 

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Want to read more? 

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