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It’s amazing how a trip to Target and a ride in the car listening to the news can stir something inside you.  That’s what happened to me the other day. And it got me thinking, among other things. 

A Little Robot on a Mission

How many of you have seen the Pixar movie, WALL路E?  I love that movie and to this day it is one of my favorites because sometimes I feel like that little robot; friend to Twinkie-eating cockroaches, collector of lost treasures, and seeker of a greater purpose. Except now that I live in the south and cockroaches seem to feel the need to camp out in my home, I have to say, I don’t like them at all. Maybe I should just buy some Twinkies? 馃槈

You may be surprised to know that WALL路E upset a lot of people. There were three main reasons why this film upset people.  

The first is simply because the first 20+ minutes the movie was essentially reminiscent of a silent film.  You only heard recorded human voices, and that was the only dialogue. If you can even call that dialogue.

The second reason that film upset people is because they felt the producers were shoving Environmentalist Whacko’isms down our throats. I don’t believe they were shoving anything down our throats, but I do believe they were asking us to think. And possibly to think deeply. 

The third and final reason that I believe that film upset so many people is because the writers weaved a story with reality. How they chose to tell the story really hit close to home, whether people want to admit it or not  The human characters in that movie bought into what their elected official(s) were telling them, hook, line and sinker. They didn’t ask questions, they didn’t push back, they didn’t disagree, they just became sheep.  They ate and drank what they were told, if a new colored outfit was featured, they hit a button and viola; snazzy, new, blue, stretchy jumpsuits! If one person changed they all changed.  Talk about a codependent nightmare.

They didn’t have to walk for themselves– they were carted around on little floaty hover crafts.  They didn’t have to think for themselves, cook for themselves, nor did they have to socialize. They just stared at any number of various screens flashing all sorts of stimulation and brainwashing information at them non-stop.  They were told when to wake up and when to go to bed.  No one had jobs or purpose and everything was provided for them. And they didn’t even realize how much they’d given up and what exactly they’d given up, OR that they’d become fat, dumb and mindless sheeples.

Let's Get Real and Fight Back- Real Food Girl on We Know Stuff  

Whoa, that’s a bold statement, Real Food Girl! What makes you say that?

I’ll tell you what makes me say that.  This past weekend The Stud Muffin and I were running errands.  We had to stop at Target for our paper products. Every aisle we went down, we seemed to run into this one woman.  She was no taller than 5 feet and she had a very sweet air about her.  She had beautiful blond hair, pulled into a pony tail and stuck out the back of a white canvas baseball cap.  She was wearing hot pink yoga-type sweat pants, and a matching jacket with white bobby-socks and white Keds.  She was adorable!

Our eyes met, and I smiled at her.  I saw in her bright blue eyes a profound sadness.  And I think I know why, and I was sad for her and then I was filled with something I can only describe as a Holy Ghost type anger… You see, this beautiful woman with the sweet smile, and the friendly disposition, was terribly obese. She reminded me, in her solid hot pink outfit of the people from the movie WALL路E.

One look into her cart and I could see she’d bought into the lies that mainstream nutritionists, dietitians, doctors and even our lovely government had been feeding her, (and the rest of us for that matter).  She was buying low-fat, no-fat, and processed.  There wasn’t one thing in her cart that was real!  I turned to The Stud Muffin and said “I have to keep teaching people about wellness through real food (and essential oils), because we’re living in an area where people have no clue and it’s breaking my heart!”

Looking in the Wrong Places

PEOPLE! We NEED to wake up!!  Processed food is NOT food. Low-fat and No-Fat means added sugar, salt and chemicals. If you need chemicals and dyes and preservatives and bleach and synthetic flavors and deodorizers to make it taste like food, it’s NOT food.  We have GOT to stop eating this crap, buying this crap and taking crap from those so-called food professionals. We have to take things back into our own hands and take back our liberties!

Doctors have an average of 28 clinical classroom hours of nutrition training.  Um, I used to do that much in a weeks time, now I probably learn, read and research that much every 3-6 weeks.  Yet, we go to doctors to help us with ailments caused by poor nutrition and a food system filled with untested GMOs and chemicals. They aren’t equipped to help us, so out comes the prescription pad and off we go, no questions asked, with our shiny new bottle of pills, complete with 15 new side effects. Yeah, how’s that working for us?

We turn to people like Dr. Oz, who will agree with anyone who will sponsor his show, or his ever changing stances on food and diets.  We turn to Oprah and her personal chefs. We turn to Weight Watchers, and Diet Centers and to prescription bottles.  We are worn out, tired, we can’t sleep, or we can’t stop sleeping, we have headaches, heartburn, reflux, skin issues, digestive issues, intestinal issues, fertility issues, hormone issues, hair issues, libido issues, erectile issues, weight issues, mood issues, productivity issues, spine issues, concentration issues, behavioral issues, memory issues, and the list goes on. And I get filled with more passion to use this blog to make a difference in my life and in the lives of those I share this world with. 

Let's Get Real And Fight Back! Real Food Girl at We Know Stuff  

Don’t be on Auto Pilot

In the movie WALL路E, the Captain had a second-hand/co-pilot named Otto. “Otto Pilot”  get it? Otto essentially piloted the ship and helped keep everyone “in the dark”. When the Captain started to come to his senses, thanks to little WALL路E, Otto did everything he could to thwart his efforts. The irony, if you can call it that was that Otto wasn’t on auto pilot, but everyone else on that ship was.  I’m noticing a correlation between the characters in WALL路E and the people in America.  We’re too tired to make cooking and eating well a priority.  And God forbid cancer hit us- because by then, it’s almost too late for us when we finally do make it a priority, and we expect it to quickly reverse the damage we’ve let the fake foods we ate for decades do to us.

When did we decide we’d trust chemical companies with the production of our food? When did we just stop questioning and more importantly, WHY did we stop questioning? What was so bad about the way our grandparents lived that we had to “New and Improve” everything?  How’s that working for us?  We don’t have time or energy or skills to cook a simple meal for our family, but we can spend countless hours in front of the TV, or our smartphones or our computer screens. We let our kids participate in more activities than is necessary so that everyone is too warn out to do anything more than drive to the local hamburger shack drive-thru and eat dinner in the car.  It’s madness!! It’s pure madness!

It’s Time to Go Back

One of my favorite parts of the movie WALL路E, is when his devotion to that little plant that Eva was looking for, sparked something within the Captain of the space ship.  He started going through the virtual library in his cabin and learned all he could about dirt, farming, planting, growing, life, earth, etc.  He educated himself. And once he did, he knew they couldn’t stay up there.  He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he had to take this ship, and everyone on board back to Earth. It was time to clean up the mess that was made of things and get back to basics.  That Captain’s ‘Ah-ha!’ moment was my favorite part. Guiding people to their ‘Ah-ha!’ moment is why I blog!!

I feel like that Captain.  Like I’ve learned things that I didn’t ask to learn, and I necessarily didn’t want to learn, but now that I know them, I can’t go back.  So when I see a deeply saddened woman at Target eating food contributing to her condition, and I hear that the First Lady has banned potatoes from the SNAP Food Stamp program, but not frozen fake pizzas, neon colored “fruit” juices, skim milk, and yogurt with more sugar than a Krispy Kreme doughnut, I find myself boiling over with anger at the lies we’ve been fed and the risks that our leaders, both elected and medical are taking with the health of our nation.  And it’s all for power and greed and money. That sickens me. I’ve had enough. 

Let's Get Real And Fight Back! Real Food Girl at We Know Stuff

Time to Cut the Strings

I’m not a puppet. I’m no longer interested in being another robot-like sheeple that does whatever they’re told and eats whatever the local store has to offer because I’m too disinterested to learn what’s in that food, or I’m too brainwashed to believe that there couldn’t be something dangerous in that food.  I’m no longer going to trust companies, blindly.  Just because it’s on a shelf doesn’t mean it should be. Most of what we sell here in America is banned in many other countries, and for good reason, but here in America, we think companies are people. They’re portrayed as families who care. Bull crap!! They don’t care. Well, they do. They care about money, and they may care to an extent about their workers, but they don’t care about the consumer or they’d give up the excessive profits, tell the share holders to stuff it, and they’d start making huge changes to what they produce and manufacture. If Kraft can make a dye-free mac-n-cheese for the UK, then they can make it for the USA. I don’t care if you’re allowed to use chemical crap, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD! 

I’m cutting the strings- the puppeteers that think they are controlling me do NOT. I’m taking a stand, I’m fighting back, I’m going to make waves, raise a little hell and spread the word.  I will no longer sit idly by while there are people who need to know about GMOs, and the ingredients being used in highly processed foods. I won’t let someone else control what I think and what I investigate and what I research in the name of learning more about my food and where it came from and how it lived before it arrived to my plate.  

I’m Ready to Get REAL

I will no longer take companies for their word unless I see things in action for myself.  If you put obscene profits before the health of your customers, I won’t support you. Period. I believe in making profits for your hard work, but not at the expense of the health and wellness of a nation.  I will vote out of office those that would desire to keep the chemical shit-storm of products racing through our grocery store check out lines and I will vote out of office those who support Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, Bayer, and their products.  

I will become an ever-increasing threat that will work to take down the giants behind the faulty, malnourishing Standard American Diet, by inspiring you guys to no longer buy their products or their “food”.  Look out people, I’m armed with an ever-increasing knowledge of what’s going on behind closed doors where our food is concerned and I’m going to shout it from the rooftops.  I’m going to inspire people to come alongside me and fight you until you either give us what we want, or your company falls and you run back to the holes from which you came. 

It’s time to get back to eating what my great-grandparents ate, and putting a little more time into cooking meals for our families, and a little less time at the TV or on Facebook, or whatever else is pulling us from doing what we know needs to be done to return back to better health and wellbeing and to tell these companies that their crap isn’t wanted here in the US.  

I will fight these companies until my dying days and I hope that you’ll come along side me and say enough is enough. I will not resemble, whether it be mentally, emotionally, intellectually or physically those characters in the movie WALL路E. I want more. I want better. I want what the Captain and WALL路E wanted.  Freedom to get back to the basics and to get REAL.  I don’t know if I’ve even fully, or accurately articulated how angry I am over what is being done to people in the name of convenience and money. But I do hope that my rant has got you thinking and has you charged up and ready to join the fight for our food. 

Who’s with me?

Let's Get Real And Fight Back! Real Food Girl at We Know Stuff


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